Who Are We?

We aim to serve the Chinese communities and to help local Chinese businesses and Chinese from Asia to establish their foundation locally and globally. Our mission is to help you maximise every opportunity of you or your business under long term sustainable growth and to help you avoid possible risks. We will help for business expansion and to avoid risks with aim to boost profitability. We will help to establish your home and protections with aim to have an enjoyable family life.

Our management team members are Chinese grown up in Hong Kong with professional qualifications mainly from U.K. With over 30 years of commercial and financial experience, we specialise in property mortgages, general insurances, family protections, mortgage protections, business finance, coaching for business solutions, import and export and property management services. Our professional background and experience means that we can deliver better and reliable services than others.

Delivering Professional Services You Can Trust

In current volatile global market condition, there always have economic boom and bust rotated persistently. Wealth is always changing hands from careless risk takers to the prudent people. Be smart and team up with reliable professional consultant. We provide professional services to small and large businesses. With years of financial and business experience, we can provide valuable insight into business solutions to management team of large organisation. Whether you want to improve performance or to expand your potential, we will guide you and your business to the right direction with long term sustainable growth. We will focus on providing personable and specialised services to meet each individual client's specific needs.

In recent years, we carried out substantial studies on mortgages, insurances, business solutions, shares, property markets and youth development with aims to provide better services for Chinese customers' needs. All enquiries are welcome. As a service to the Chinese society, we provide free UK Chinese leaflets for Chinese customers.